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APT small class —— Analysis on the Characteristics of WDM System and Its Market Application

Views:614 Publish Time: 2020-08-25

1.make full use of the bandwidth resources of optical fiber. Fiber has huge bandwidth resources (low loss band). Wavelength division multiplexing technology increases the transmission capacity of a fiber by several times to dozens or even hundreds of times than that of a single wavelength, thus increasing the transmission capacity of the fiber and reducing the cost. It has great application value and economic value.

2. signal transparent transmission. Because the WDM system is multiplexed and demultiplexed according to the different wavelength of light, it has nothing to do with the rate of the signal and the mode of electric modulation, that is, the data is "transparent" to the data. As a result, signals with completely different characteristics can be transmitted, such as ATM、SDH、IP and mixed transmission of multiple services (audio, video, data, etc.), etc.

3. expansion and upgrade is simple and convenient, low cost. It is convenient to expand the capacity of the optical fiber communication system by using wavelength division multiplexer technology. In the process of network expansion and development, there is no need to transform the optical cable line, only to replace the optical transmitter and optical receiver, which is an ideal expansion method. Please go to the company website for technical information: www.guangying.com /www.qdapt.com.