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5 Common Problems of Optical Modules

February 02,2022

Common faults of optical modules

1. The port of the optical module is contaminated, which will cause the optical module to fail to work normally. The port of the optical module is blocked by a foreign object. It can be clearly seen by naked eyes that the faulty optical port is blocked by a white foreign object. The left side is the normal module, and the right side is the faulty module. The breakage of the optical fiber jumper leads to damage to the optical module.

2. The optical module is not inserted tightly, which results in the restriction of optical signal transmission; improper plugging and insertion causes the optical fiber jumper guide post to be broken in the optical module. When inserting the optical module into the device, ensure that it is inserted tightly and the card lock is in place. Otherwise, the optical module will be disconnected or loosened due to the vibration or collision of the equipment.

3. Use non-standard inferior fiber connectors to damage the optical module. Use non-standard optical fiber connectors without chamfering the optical modules that are damaged during the optical fiber plug-in process.

4. Use of inferior fiber patch cords, use of damaged fiber patch cords, or fiber patch cords are contaminated, causing the optical module ports to be contaminated. The optical fiber jumper has not been used for a long time without protective measures, and the optical fiber jumper connector is full of dust. The port of the optical module is contaminated during use. Using damaged fiber jumpers can easily damage the optical module.

5. The conductive metal of the golden finger of the optical module is damaged, causing the optical module to be unusable. The conductive metal of the gold finger of the unqualified optical module is missing, and the gloss is obviously insufficient.