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How to connect a fiber optic cable to a switch?

June 21,2022

First of all,the fiber optic cable is not directly connected to the switch (well of course, nowadays there are optical fiber switches whose optical fiber SC interface can be directly connected to the device), but normally we need to use an optical fiber transceiver to solve the broadband signal problem.

Then you might ask, what is an optical fiber transceiver?

An optical fiber transceiver is a network product that decomposes optical signals into broadband signals and outputs them through RJ45 interface, with 10/100M or 10/100/1000M adaptive.

The broadband signal resolved by the fiber optic transceiver can be connected to the switch or router with a network cable that is orthogonal at both ends. The rest is up to you to decide how to distribute it.

Now you should have learned,the optical fiber splicing jumper is connected to the optical transceiver, and the transceiver is connected to the switch with a network cable, which is quite simple. Fiber optic fusion splicing only requires professional equipment. Usually, professional personnel will bring equipment for fusion splicing, which requires terminal boxes and optical transceivers.