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How to judge the fiber from its oleophobic effect?

December 11,2021

It is understood that fiber optic grease is waterproof fiber optic cable cannot be informed of the new waterproof material, so many times we can judge the fiber by understanding the effect of fiber optic grease on the fiber.

According to the introduction of fiber optic manufacturers, any qualified, high-quality optical fiber, its casing is full of fiber optic grease, and is to ensure that there is no gap between the fiber optic grease and the fiber core. In this way, the waterproof performance of optical fiber, transmission performance to better meet national standards, otherwise, will be a shoddy fiber product. This because the oil paste is not filled with optical fiber shoddy products not only waterproof effect is very poor, the fiber in the transmission process attenuation is also very strong.

It is worth noting that the quality of the fiber optic grease will also affect the quality of the fiber, the poor quality of the fiber optic grease, even if it is filled to the fiber casing, the corresponding fiber is not a superior quality fiber.