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Where are optical transceivers used?

October 23,2021

Optical transceivers are mainly used in: intelligent traffic monitoring systems, large-capacity security systems, television medical care, safety engineering, long-distance broadcast and television transmission systems, remote multimedia teaching/campus monitoring, video conferences, building control systems, high-definition video, audio Occasions and so on.

Precautions for optical transceiver purchase: From the signal sent to the optical fiber, optical transceivers can be divided into analog optical transceivers based on analog technology and digital optical transceivers based on digital technology. The working principle of analog optical transceiver is nothing more than modulation and demodulation, filtering and signal mixing. Whether it is LED or LD, its photoelectric modulation characteristics are not linear, and it is inevitable that distortion, interference and other inevitable problems in analog processing will occur during signal transmission, and there are insurmountable technologies in large-capacity transmission and multi-service mixed transmission. difficulty.

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