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144/288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Closure

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Rincian Cepat

optical splice closures are used to distribute, splice, and store the outdoor optical cables which enter and exit from the ends of the closure. There are two connection ways: direct connection and splitting connection. They are applicable to situations such as overhead, manwell of pipeline, embedded situation etc. Comparing with terminal box, the closure requires much stricter requirement of seal. Sealing ring and air valve are required for closure, but that are not necessary for terminal box.

Dimensions and Capacity 
Dimensions (D*H) 470mm * 205mm
Kapasitas maksimum

288 Core

Number of Cable Entrance/Exit


Diameter of Cable S6 small round ports(21mm) and 1 large oval port(65mm)
Kondisi Operasi
Suhu -40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Kelembaban ≤95% (at 40℃)
Tekanan udara 70kPa ~ 106kPa

Titik Penjualan Produk

1. The closure casing is made of quality engineering plastics, and of good performance of anti-erosion against acid and alkali salt, anti-aging, as well as smooth appearance and reliable mechanical structure.

2.The mechanical structure is reliable and has the performance of resisting wild environment and intensive climate changes and serious working environment. The protection grade reaches IP68.

3.The closures are applicable to ribbon type optical cable and common optical cable.

4.The splice trays inside the closure are turn-able like booklets, and have adequate curvature radius and space for winding optical fiber to make sure the curvature radius for optical winding 40mm.Each optical cable and fiber can be operated individually

5.The closure is of small volume, big capacity and convenient maintenance. The elastic rubber seal rings inside the closure are of good sealing and sweat-proof performance.

6.The casing can be opened repeatedly without air leakage. No special tools are required. The operation is easy and simple. The air valve is provided for the closure and used to check the sealing performance.

Mitra kami
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Skenario Aplikasi

1)Fiber untuk proyek rumah

2)TV jaringan kabel

3)Sistem jaringan optik pasif

4)Jaringan area metropolitan

5) Sistem spektroskopi lainnya


P1. Dapatkah saya memesan sampel untuk produk ini?

A: Ya, kami menerima pesanan sampel untuk menguji dan memeriksa kualitas. Sampel campuran dapat diterima.

Q2. Bagaimana dengan lead time?

A: Sampel membutuhkan 1-2 hari, waktu produksi massal membutuhkan 1-2 minggu.

Q3. Bagaimana Anda mengirim barang dan berapa lama untuk sampai?

A: Kami biasanya mengirim melalui DHL, UPS, FedEx atau TNT. Biasanya dibutuhkan waktu 3-5 untuk tiba. Airline dan pelayaran laut juga opsional.

Q4: Apakah Anda menawarkan jaminan untuk produk?

A: Ya, kami menawarkan 1-2 tahun garansi untuk produk formal kami.

Q5: Bagaimana dengan waktu pengiriman ??

A: 1) Sampel: dalam satu minggu. 2) Barang: 15-20 hari biasanya.

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