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  • Patchcord
  • pigtail
  • Latin Edition Coupler alimentorum fibra opticus
  • Transceivers series Optica
  • Latin Edition FTTH
  • WDM Latin
  • SWITCH PB optica fibra
  • Optical nibh / Latin Edition attenuator


Qingdao applied photonic technologies co., Ltdwas established in 2001, cooperated between a state-owned and canadian company.APT specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing passive optical components, photoelectric transmission equipment, and CATV. we can supply customers with the most advanced product in the market.

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APT News

The company is in action to fight the epidemic and...

Cum resumptio productionis die 10,2020 februario, qingdao APT societas plene implevit omnia requisita propria salutis et salutis a iuncto administratione praeest disposita.

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Qingdao APT participated in the Ali International ...

In fine mensis Maii, anno MMXX, dies acquisitionis festum Ali Internationalis Stationis ad finem venit, et Qingdao APT Societas plena bona in hoc festo acquisitione accepit.

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Industry Trends: The cake is big enough still cann...

Nuper, Sinarum Mobilis candidatum victricis nuntiavit collectionem funem opticorum generalem anno 2020-2021. Changfei firmiter locum principatus cum parte 9.44% occupaverunt, deinde fortes, Hengtong, Fiberhome et alii gigantes.

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APT small class —— Analysis on the Characteristics...

1. fac plenum usum bandae copiae fibrarum opticorum. Fibra band ingentes habet facultates (low loss band). Necem divisio technologiae multiplicans auget facultatem tradendi fibrae aliquotiens.

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