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  • Patchcord
  • Pigtail
  • Fiber Optic Coupler Series
  • Optical Transceivers Series
  • FTTH Series
  • WDM Series
  • Optical Fiber Switch
  • Optical Adapter/Attenuator Series

About APT

Qingdao applied photonic technologies co., Ltdwas established in 2001, cooperated between a state-owned and canadian company.APT specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing passive optical components, photoelectric transmission equipment, and CATV. we can supply customers with the most advanced product in the market.

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APT News

The company is in action to fight the epidemic and...

Since the resumption of production on february 10,2020, qingdao APT company has fully implemented all the personal health and safety requirements arranged by the bonded zone management committee.

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Qingdao APT participated in the Ali International ...

At the end of May, 2020, the purchasing festival of Ali International Station came to an end, and Qingdao APT Company received full goods in this purchasing festival.

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Industry Trends: The cake is big enough still cann...

Recently, China Mobile announced the winning candidate for the general optical cable collection in 2020-2021. Changfei firmly occupied the leading position with a share of 9.44%, followed by fortis, Hengtong, Fiberhome and other giants...

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APT small class —— Analysis on the Characteristics...

1.make full use of the bandwidth resources of optical fiber. Fiber has huge bandwidth resources (low loss band). Wavelength division multiplexing technology increases the transmission capacity of a fiber by several times...

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